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Welcome to the New Mexico Health Alert Network (HAN).
The HAN is a secure, password-protected all-hazards communications system.
It is not a listserv/email service.
Authorized users need to fully register in the HAN and keep their account active and up to date.
You are viewing the HAN Landing Page.  The HAN secure site (portal) contains confidential and privileged information.  Access to the portal is provided to authorized users only, and it requires authentication – the user's username and active password.
Any access, review, use, disclosure, or distribution of the information on the secure site, for purposes other than authorized by the New Mexico Department of Health, is prohibited.
Authorized HAN users can receive all-hazards alerts via email, telephone, and/or fax, or they can view alerts by logging on the HAN portal.  Such users also can view news items, announcements, previous health alerts, and other information.
Authorized users include public health officials; physicians; physician assistants; nurses; outpatient, behavioral health, and long-term care providers; key hospital, pharmacy, and medical lab personnel; Indian Health Service contacts; community, county, and tribal health coordinators or representatives; emergency medical services; fire and law enforcement officials; emergency managers; school nurses and superintendents; and others.
If you would like to become a HAN user, submit an email request with all of the following information: your name; identify whether you are a MD, DO, DOM, PhD, EdD, PA, CNP, RN, etc.; your job title; the complete name and street address (No mailing address or mail stop code) of your office; your work telephone (landline), work cell, and work fax numbers; and your work email address to nmdoh.hanalert@han.nmhealth.org. After you are added to the HAN, you will receive an email with your instructions for registering in the system.
  1. If your browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer and you are asked to run an Active-X control, click on 'Run'.
  2. Know your HAN username and password before you log on.
  3. Keep your HAN profiles and password up to date.
  4. It is important that you fully register in the HAN system, per the instructions emailed to you.
  5. For additional information, see the NM HAN User Guide, posted below on this page.
  6. For all HAN-related requests and questions, contact nmdoh.hanalert@han.nmhealth.org


NM HAN User Guide_April2015.pdfNM HAN User Guide_April2015NMHAN\paulette.johnston
NM HAN FAQs_April2015.pdfNM HAN FAQs_April2015NMHAN\paulette.johnston